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Meals on Wheels—From our kitchen to your door

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Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious and delicious frozen meals to thousands of homes throughout King County each week. We make it easy for home-bound persons age 60 or more to eat well and remain independent. Our 33 meal options are packaged to be heated in a microwave or conventional oven—giving you the freedom to make a hot meal in just minutes without the hassle of grocery shopping or worrying about the nutritional value of your food.

Our staff and volunteers put care into their work: from the delivery drivers who know each customer by name to the nutritionists who ensure that each meal is balanced and contains 1/3 of a senior’s daily recommended dietary allowance.

Meals on Wheels’ menu of entrees can please any palate. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options include your favorite sides—from fruit for breakfast to milk, rolls or rice for lunch and dinner. Nutritional supplements like Ensure and Glucerna are also available to be delivered with your meals. Seattle residents can even take advantage of Mobile Market—an innovative service that delivers groceries and other supplies directly to your home.

Customers are invited to contribute $5 for each meal they enjoy. We appreciate each donation and pass it back to the community.

In many cases, co-resident family members are also welcome to enjoy Meals on Wheels. Ask us about the eligibility of your spouse, domestic partner, or child with disabilities.

The Deep Blue House

by Libby Johnson, Meals on Wheels Assessor

Blue house

The deep blue house is nestled comfortably amid the trees, a wide expanse of well-worn porch guiding the visitor to the front door.  “Come in!” calls 92 year-old Charlotte from a chair by the kitchen table.  “How do you like my blue house?” she smiles. Charlotte had had her house painted a deep royal blue recently, and seemed so pleased with the effect.  Deep smile lines and twinkly eyes light up her face as she relates how her husband built their house in 1954 and together they raised three girls here.  Photos of over 25 grandchildren and great grandchildren in a variety of places and poses line the walls.

Unable to move easily, Charlotte must use a walker to get around.  Various medical problems may slow her pace, but they seem to have no effect on her kind and cheerful spirit. However, Charlotte is still reeling from an enormous loss.  Last December her husband of nearly 60 years was tragically and accidently killed while waiting for the bus near their home. Charlotte could hear the sirens but had no idea what had happened until some time later.  All their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren converged on Harborview Hospital to sing and pray at her husband’s bedside.  Though he never regained consciousness, she is sure he was comforted by the outpouring of love from his family.

And so Charlotte now lives alone in the house they built so many years ago. Her daughter created a special memory garden in the backyard using stones that Charlotte and her husband had collected on their many delightful camping trips over the years. She derives such peace and pleasure from the recollections that linger in the many photos and paintings and other mementos around their home.  Her family visits often and helps as much as possible, but Charlotte relies on the Meals on Wheels program to ensure her continued independence and ability to remain in her comfortable and reassuring home.  “I love Meals on Wheels”, Charlotte declares unequivocally, “ and everyone with it!”

Charlotte, you and your husband built a wonderful home and a wonderful family.  We are so glad to be able to help you continue to enjoy it!

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