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About our Food Assistance Programs

Food Assistance Programs

Food is life. At Senior Services, we strive to ensure that no senior experiences hunger. We do this through our Meals on Wheels and Community Dining programs as well as referrals to other agencies and food banks. For many, meals are also an opportunity to socialize with other seniors at the senior center or with the delivery driver.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels offers frozen home-delivered meals for older persons who are unable to leave their home to shop or prepare nutritious meals. The meals are prepared with the special dietary needs of seniors in mind and are adaptable to a variety of special diets. Complete nutritional information is available upon request.  Meals are packaged in trays that can be placed either in the microwave or in the conventional oven.

The Mobile Market

The Mobile Market is a home-delivered grocery service for homebound elders. A number of staple items including canned fruits and vegetables, canned dinners, soups, rice, noodles, beans and fresh milk, cheese and bread items are available for eligible persons within the Seattle City limits who find it difficult to shop for groceries. Eligible persons who live outside Seattle City limits may order liquid supplements like Ensure.

Community Dining

Our Community Dining Program is designed to meet the nutritional and social needs of today’s seniors. We invite you to come join us at one of our many locations.

Food Banks

Sound Generations does not operate any food banks but we can refer you to one in your area. Please contact our Pathways Information and Assistance program for a referral.

Senior Information and Assistance

Through our database of over 7,000 resources, we can connect you to a variety of food assistance programs in the County. There are options out there - contact us and we can explore them together.

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Food Assistance Links

Food Assistance Links

Information & Assistance Online

Information and Assistance

Are you looking for a ride? A place to stay? Exercise programs? Information on support groups, housing, activities and more is available online on our Information and Assistance Database.